…my personal discovery of regenerative medicine

I had a casual discussion about my plight with a pharmacist.

He recommended that I investigate a newly discovered therapy involving my body’s own ability to repair, re-grow, and heal tissue.

As a physician educated, trained, and with decades of experience in traditional medicine, I was more than doubtful that anything could relieve my pain. I had exhausted every potential treatment known to all the medical specialists I consulted.

My desperation conquered any skepticism.

The single treatment I received instantly and permanently cured my back pain.

My “miracle cure” affected me so profoundly that I committed to learning everything I could about this new leading-edge science in the hope of helping my patients suffering from similar chronic conditions.

I studied research material, visited clinics across the country, and consulted with experts in regenerative medicine.

I have incorporated this accumulated knowledge to successfully treat patients suffering from knee, hip, shoulder, back, and other joint conditions for several years.