Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Robert Miranda M.D.

“I am a traditionally educated and trained physician and surgeon. I am excited about Regenerative Medicine’s potential health benefits for my patients.”

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The goal of Regenerative Medicine

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The benefits

The goal of Regenerative Medicine is to repair and regrow tissue and organs damaged by disease or trauma.

Traditional medicine focuses on treating symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs, surgery, or a combination of both.

Temporarily masking symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs does not cure the underlying causes.

The general public understands the side effects of drugs. These include

  • Undesirable secondary effects
  • Risk of addiction
  • Tolerance buildup calling for higher dosages
  • And other risks associated with many commonly prescribed drugs.

Surgery also has its drawbacks. Nearly everyone has some pain after surgery. Some people have reactions to anesthesia. Infections, blood clots, and a long list of other issues can occur with surgery. Joint surgery may call for more surgeries in the future.



We seek to treat the underlying CAUSES of diseases that produce the symptoms. The symptoms will disappear by themselves by successfully treating the causes.

The same healing and growth components that helped us develop from infancy to full maturity are used to regenerate tissue. As we age, these healing components decrease, making it harder for our body to repair itself. Replacing growth components stimulates the natural healing ability we possessed in our youth.